The Deafening Silence

Be Magic…

May 13, 2014

youmightmagic_LargeWideThis past week I discovered something so amazing I had to share with you guys. I had coffee with my new (and quickly dear) friend Ann Marie a few weeks ago and she told me about a DNA test she’d done where a particular portion was missing. It was the gene that creates “feel good” chemicals in the brain. She said as she began taking the correct supplement she instantly felt serene and better! I asked if there was a negative if you took it and didn’t need it. She said no-it just won’t have an effect for you.

So I ordered it and along with it I picked up a good oral B-12 chewable (drops are good too) and I began taking them together. All I can say is WOW. I’m calm, happier, tons of energy and in general just feeling GREAT. Mentally clear as well. I stopped drinking coffee an didn’t even realize it!

Along with those I began an amazing Green Drink I got at Dr. Mark’s recommendation. I use it every morning. I also began using my Vemma again-1 shot each morning.

I FEEL AND LOOK AMAZING!!!! I couldn’t be happier! Back in the gym, sleeping well and I’m biking again! So I wanted to share all of this with you. I believe firmly that our planet is changing drastically for the better. Vibration is raising so fast I’m astounded! Yes, people are also exiting our planet in droves-that part is so hard for us…but I also know that this is the plan we set in motion long before we came here.

Be peaceful! Be awake! Remember…I am ALLOWING all that is, I am WILLING and I am WANTING….that’s all you need to say to yourself to calm and release fear. Find your peace and bring your body into vibrational alignment with your incredible Divine Birthright!

Here are the products I’m using if you want to try them. As with anything, do your research and talk to your doctor to make sure they are right for you..I KNOW they are right for me! My brother has has incredible results as well. THANK YOU Ann Marie…my angel of health!

Folate Supplement (use this specific one…other’s aren’t the right thing)-Click the bottle-this is a 2 month supply for 1 person-Dont’ forget a good B-12 Oral chewable or drops at any healthfood store:

product-optionbottleVemma-there are many products to choose from. I use the 2 bottle pack sent once a month on autoship. This is a 30 day supply at around $2 a day. UNREAL for inflammation, allergy reduction, energy, skin tone, overall nutrition & SO much more. It will amaze you! They even have an awesome one for kids. Perfect nutrition each morning and it tastes great!




Green Drink-one scoop each morning. Not bad on the taste…HUGE on cleansing the body. It’s like a shower for your insides..but mild and lovely. My daughter adds to smoothies every day.

Bringing your body into healthy alignment with Source/God energy is amazing. It creates magic in your whole world. You begin to see your path so much clearer! Also..MOVE YOUR BODY every day. Even if it’s a brisk walk.  I’m hoping you find YOUR way as well my friends. Evan told me I would become very very healthy and feel and look amazing. He wasn’t kidding! I can feel him guiding me….

This is just the beginning… #EWM333