Designer Life

designer life
Designer Life

The following is a TRUE story from my own life. It is an incredible secret that I’ve known for over 13 years. Now I am sharing it with you!

It was February, 1999. I was 30, a single mother with a 2 and 3 year old and on bed rest with a baby that I had no idea how I would care for. I worked as a server for Hard Rock Café as I told you in an earlier question. I played music and sang on the weekends in the Orlando area. Life was hard, love was scarce and I soon found myself staring up from rock bottom.

It was the day they shut my power off from lack of payment that I knew something had to change. You can only cry so much! I lay in that uncomfortable bed staring out the window at a world that I could hardly call friendly. I felt alone and afraid. The baby inside me moved as if to say,

“Hey! I’m here, and I matter.”

She did matter-enough for me to listen when a few moments later a Voice as clear as my own spoke inside my head.

“Jamie, get a piece of paper, a pen and a kitchen timer.”

Then silence. I knew the anti-labor drugs were strong but this was unlike anything I’d felt or heard before. I had no idea it was the first time I clearly heard “the Boys” speak to me.

It spoke with such grace and power and love! The voice was SO clear I felt I had to obey. I called my mom in and asked for the three items. When she brought them and had left the room, I waited, not knowing what would happen next but so intrigued I had to find out. The Voice came again.

“Write ‘Designer Life’ at the top of the page and set the timer to five minutes.”

I did as I was instructed and again The Voice spoke.

“Now, in the next five minutes, we want you to write down everything you can think of to describe the perfect life. What would it feel like, sound like, smell like. What would make you wake up in the morning and feel that you would burst with happiness? We want you to write all of that. We want you to get EXCITED”

I did as I was instructed. Oddly, as I began to imagine and write I could literally FEEL the creation beginning! Things I had not even thought about I suddenly SAW with clarity, FELT them as though it could really happen! When the timer went off I set my pen down and The Voice said,

‘Now, look at the list. What’s the first step?”

As I read over the things I’d written, I began to feel a glimmer-a tiny feeling of joy, of expectation of DESIRE. I wanted the things on that list! In fact, I could FEEL those things as if I could shut my eyes and BE in the beautiful house or FEEL the wind in my hair driving that little red Convertible. I could literally know the feeling in that moment of what it would be like to know my future husband and be loved by him. Yet none of those things had happened yet. I certainly hadn’t done anything to deserve them-right?


See, that is the beauty of what I’m about to teach you. There is no try-there is no doing. There is only desire, love and feeling great every single moment of every single day! In allowing well-being to flow unchecked through our lives, we allow all the good things we desire to flow in as well. It is not always easy. I will not tell you that I have found the miracle to never feel pain or loss again. What I have found is a way to rejoice and feel at peace in spite of anything that comes your way.

I urge each of you to take 5 minutes today to change your life forever. Simply get out a piece of paper. Write “Designer Life” at the top. Take that FIRST step! After you write what your Designer Life would have in it, ask aloud,

“What’s the First step?”

LISTEN carefully. Something will come to your mind. It could be:

“Clean out your closet.”

Put the list in a safe place and forget about it. Do what you were prompted to do. Then do the next thing and the next thing until you have all of it! Then make a new Designer Life! Do not place it by your bed and meditate on it every day! Seriously? Why remind yourself daily what you do not have! Know that it’s coming, feel good about it and LIVE! LIVE! LIVE!

I originally wrote things I wanted-like the love of a good man-which came to me. I said I wanted to own a company where I wore jeans and a tank top but carried a brief case. Where my employees felt loved and appreciated. If my employees had a sick child, they could stay home. It happened as well!

Aluria Software-Google it and Jamie Garrison! That was me! I went from the worst neighborhood in Orlando to one of the best in just 4 years! These were just a few things I put on my list that dark day.

No money, no skill set, no hope of a great future. I was “just” a waitress and singer…Yeah, well I’m here to tell you that simply was not true. I just did not know what I wanted.

I put my list away that day as my Boys instructed me to; Four years later, I came across it while moving into my incredible new home. I read it over and was astounded that I had everything on the list and then some! I had not thought of it or looked at it again! I just took the first step!

That is right! I did not meditate every day begging God/The Universe for what I wanted. I knew it was coming to me because I could feel it. In my very cells, I knew I was destined to have what was on that list because those thoughts felt happy and exciting!

To this day, I believe it’s that simple. That, my friends, is what it means to trust. To know that what you desire is meant to happen because you want it…you feel it and that feeling makes you happy!

  • KNOW what you want.
  • TELL the Universe what you want.
  • LIVE your life focused on feeling good
  • EXPECT that the things that feel good are coming to you! We do not need to dictate how they come…just know that they are.
  • LOVE as much as possible

And one day get that list out again. Write to me and tell me about the amazing things that happened for you. Dreams are awesome. Here is to your own Designer Life and the joy of Creating!