Here’s what Jamie’s clients have to say about her readings.

    • Stacy Ciliento Taylor “I read with Jamie via phone about a month ago. The card reading was pretty dead on, and informational and then my family who has passed on came and THAT was amazing! Then we discussed my work which had been over stressful- Jamie gave me some “tools” to help which literally helped THE NEXT DAY!  It was life changing. Not only because you realize your family is still with you all the time, but the tools really helped heal my soul. It’s such a blessing to have someone describe your family exactly as they are, and know they are with you and acknowledging they are experiencing your life even though they aren’t here on earth – I highly recommend a reading with Jamie. Thank you again Jamie.”


    • Donna Oriani Sambula “I had readings done by several different psychic, but none like Jamie! She is absolutely amazing and so spot on! Its very informal and when you are done talking with her, you feel like you’ve known her your whole life. One example of her accuracy was that when I had my reading, my son and daughter in law were expecting a child. She told me that the baby was going to be really early, that there were going to be some complications but everything was going to be alright…spot on! My grandson came 5 weeks early, after some complications, but is doing great! I can go on forever with all her accuracy! Definitely worth the money! you won’t be sorry you did it!”


    • Sue Picard Pickett “I have been a fan of Jamie since I first heard her on a local talk radio show about 4 yrs ago had my first reading with her 3 yrs ago! Very insightful & accurate. I was very impressed, all the information & advice she gave me was spot on. Have spoken with her a few more times since than and I can honestly say it has been life changing….she has helped show me my path in this life & as I’ve said before -forever grateful! So get a reading!!! It will be an experience you will never forget!”


    • Christa Mikkleson Green “Jamie did a reading for me during the summer and she told me that the end of the year would be kind of difficult but that after the new year things would look up. The last two months have been hell. Wish she had been wrong but she was spot on on everything she said. The next few months are going to be hard so I’ll be glad when the new year comes. She also told me not to worry about my kidneys as she didn’t see anything major with them going on. Last time I went to the kidney dr after several months of decline in function I stableized. Jamie has a true gift.”


    • Donna Wood Dacato “I had a reading a year ago april. i felt it was very good. she touched my soul! she didn’t read my future but helped me alot emotionally and did give alot of info on family passed that no way she could have gusessed jamie even told me to quit responding until she and her guides were done. huge emotional healing!!”


    • Alex Bell “First I have to say that I felt IMMEDIATELY relaxed – I thought I would feel awkward and nervous but she set me at ease right away. the first half of my reading Jaime read my cards and it was just like talking to an old friend who had known me all my life. She was SPOT on with what was going on in my life (and, we did NOT discuss what was going on prior so she did not have any information going into the reading) – and gave me some invaluable insight as to my journey and what direction I need to be going in. The second half of my reading we just talked – I had asked her to help me with a couple of particular issues (that are private) and we discussed those. As I said – I felt like I was talking to a really wise old friend rather than someone I have never met – AND let me tell you what – this woman is TRULY gifted! I absolutely adore Jaime and if you have a chance to do a reading with her then I say do NOT pass up the opportunity. She is warm, caring – insightful and very very gifted.”


    • Lyn Meeker “Jamie read for me three weeks ago .. I told her I was open to hear whatever she had for me… (But I did have one question – that if it didn’t come up .. I was saving for the end of our reading..) Silly me .. my question was answered in the first few minutes! … By the way Jamie .. I’m still waiting for the something “BIG” to happen .. but you didn’t think it would happen for a bit more… I’ll let you know what “IT” is when it does… Everything she said was SPOT ON!”


    • Lolly Gibson “Had a phone reading a while back. I have to say Jamie puts you at ease right away and you feel like your talking to an old friend. She did some card reading and was right on track with some issues with family I was having. Also pointed me in the direction with some medical situations. Funniest thing is she called me out on a few things I was lying to myself about. Lol. She is very upfront and says it how it is, love, love, love, that she didn’t candy coat things I needed to hear.”


    • Patty Garden-Imparato “Honest, fun, accurate, like talking with an old friend! Jamie is genuine! Love from her core.”


    • Dana Ravida “I had a health issue that I asked Jamie about. She told me that this issue was no longer the problem but that the issue was auto immune and that if I lower my stress levels I would get better. I went to the doctor and my original health issue was gone and the doctor told me my immune system is now the issue and I need to lower my stress. Jamie knew before everyone! She is so open with you also putting you at ease to open up to her too. Wonderful experience.”


    • Tamara Chenet “I had the pleasure of being her first to read when Jamie had her first group reading. Like a John Edwards style room group. Being in tune myself I already knew my grandma would come across. I asked her to. Jamie doesn’t know anything about my family. Apparently my grandmother was very.insistant on not letting Jamie sleep the night before the show. lol Jamie was right on with everything she described. I even saw hearts when we closed our eyes and took some cleansing breaths,before she started. I’m thankful for her abilities and gifts. And thanks to “the boys” ffor their guidence and wisdom.”


    • Matthew Parkinson “A reading with Jamie is so many things to me…. Fun, comfortable, real, everlasting (I had mine 2 years ago and think or talk about it all the time ), helpful, and spiritual. I only met her one time and still feel close to her to this day. I send her my energy and my thanks for all she did for me and every soul she reaches out to. Oh yeah she is beautiful and sexy too!!!”


    • Tim Baldy “A reading with Jamie is an awesome experience. Regardless of your beliefs, she is spiritually uplifting and reaffirms your beliefs of the afterlife. She really takes the time to understand the person she is reading, feels your emotions and knows what makes you tick. She not only comforts you during the reading, but her strong communication skills make it easy for those on the “other side” to come through.”


    • Gabriele Goldberg “My daughter is going through cancer treatment right now , and Jamie helped her through some stressful moments with pin pointing exactly what was causing this symptom at that moment ! She has helped me numerous times calming myself and going in the directions I have to go ! She us incredible , and right on the money!”


    • Andrea Renee’ Ricker “Amazing!! as I laid by the pool in daytona thinking I was chit chatting with just a normal couple…Jamie & Evan were totally reading me…They knew nothing about me or my kids or my family…but omg yes they did!! They had me laughing crying cold chills in shock!! It was an amazing experience im so blessed I got to meet them and experience my first reading with someone as awesome as Jamie & Evan!!


    • Naome Bradshaw “I sat in the middle of 5 women and watched each womans face during a group reading this past Friday night. The looks on their faces and the tears streaming down , told the story. One after the other, I watched as Jamie brought comfort and peace to them! This was for my next door neighbor, and she kept asking me prior, “Is she for real”? This story would not have a happy ending if she wasn’t! haha Jamie is most certainly, FOR REAL!”