Jamie’s Book: “Answers”


Here’s the story of how my book “Answers” came to be. Sure, I’m the human author-but My Boys (Guides) are in charge. I just sit back & watch the magic!

In August of 2010, My Boys (my wonderful Guides/Angels) woke me up & told me that they wanted me to write a book. It was to be called “Answers”. They said someone would ask me a series of questions and They would answer. I said “Ok” & told few family & friends & forgot about it. In October, at one of my Live events I met Angie. I read forAngie for over an hour, privately. She had lost 2 sons violently & both came through for her with intimate details. In January of 2011, Angie emailed me saying that the Boys kept waking her up at night telling her they wanted her to write a book with Jamie. They gave her a comprehensive list of questions & she attached them to the email. I wrote back telling her I knew. That the book was called Answers & let’s get started. In the pages of this book you will find information you may have never heard before. A unique perspective perhaps. It was not designed to be perfect and is far from it. It was created to give you a catalyst to find your own Answers


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Much love to you! Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Angie: Explain God?

Jamie–Wow, you are not going to make this easy-nor is there an easy answer. God is many things and different to each person. To me, God is a Power greater than my own; I want and need to believe that. I am going to use the word He in this description to make it simple but I do not subscribe to the Patriarchal belief that God is an old man in the sky with a white beard, lording over all of humanity. To me, God is that loving whisper we hear when we need help. When I made the difficult decision to leave my first marriage, I also decided I was finished with traditional religion. It was a great foundation for who I am today. However, as I grew into the understanding of where we come from and why we are here, I found that what I had always believed, did not work for me anymore. In making the choice to leave it behind, I created a void in my belief system. We all have to believe SOMETHING, even if the belief is to believe nothing at all. I sat one day and really thought about this God thing. I asked myself the question: “If I were raised on an island, if that were possible, without a single other human, no Bible, and no handed down beliefs, what would I KNOW as true-based solely on what I could learn or experience with just my own eyes, ears and sense of touch-concrete science.” Here are a few things that came to me: 1. There is light (day) and dark (night) 2. If there were rabbits or other animals on my island, I would see birth and death, the creation of life and the passing into death. 3. The tides come in and go out, and so on. Let me tell you and anyone else that reads this book, I don’t care who you are or what you do or don’t believe, when you move beyond the point of believing something without concrete proof you have moved into faith, Period. I held up my hand at this point and looked at it, wiggled my fingers and asked the second question: “Am I a cosmic or evolutionary accident? OR, does something or someone out there know I’m here and put me here?” It is very simple. The answer to that question commits you to your path and begins to give you your belief system. It is what defines your own faith. I am personally narcissistic enough to believe that I am no accident and it brings me peace to believe that we are not alone in this, that there ARE energies up there that guide us. I made it very simple. I spoke to this energy and said, “I feel you and I believe you are there and I also believe that you are greater than me. I give you permission to guide me. I do not want any of your previous guilt or shame. I am going to go out there and live my life based solely on what feels good to me. If I’m headed down a path that you know won’t feel good to me then you have my permission to lovingly tell me.”

Angie: Do you feel you made the right choice?

Jamie-Yes I do, without question. I partied, laughed, cried and everything in between and it felt GREAT. I felt free for the first time in my life. I no longer felt stifled by somebody else’s view of how I should live my own life. The reality is that we come here to walk this path exactly as we do. We cannot “mess it up!” We can make all kinds of mistakes and even hurt others-intentionally or unintentionally and it is still all ok! Why? Because, sometimes we are here to offer another person their pain path. I will elaborate more on this concept in another question but suffice to say that everything we do and say in this human path is correct.

Angie: Do you feel you are generally a good person on the right path?

Jamie-Yes. I believe that for all humans. It is not an issue of a person being “bad” or “good”. As I have walked this path, I have learned so much about myself and the kind of person I want to be. I have learned what feels good to me and what does not. My rules for me might differ from ones that another person might choose but in trial and error, I have become very strong in my beliefs. I am always allowing them to shift and change as I grow. I do not always do the “right thing” but at the end of the day, I learn from my mistakes and find a new way to operate that works for me. I have learned that some things will not feel good to me later on, so I avoid them, while others would feel yummy and I embrace them. It is all about listening to your inner guidance system via your emotions. How you FEEL. It was about two weeks after I spoke to my God or Higher Power and gave him permission to guide me that I was at Publix, a popular Florida grocery store and money was tight. As the girl swiped a pack of diapers across the laser reader, it did not beep. My FIRST thought was “SWEET, free diapers!” but then as a soft, gentle nudge, I heard a voice in my head say, “Do you think taking those diapers and not paying for them will feel good in the long run?” I looked at that future path and realized it would not feel good. I told the girl she had missed them and as she checked and found I was right she said “Wow! There are still honest people in this world!” I felt yummy and GOOD. I smiled in my head and said to myself, “Ok. I’m not a person that steals from grocery stores.” I was THAT literal! I might be a person that steals from garage sales. I would cross that bridge when I came to it but I had cemented my first solid belief and it came with a feeling of huge stability and true “knowing” that this belief was right for ME. It may not be right for you, only you can decide that. Over the years I have repeated this scenario thousands of times, each time deciding for myself what I believe and allowing others to do the same.

Angie: What belief system do you expect from your children?

Jamie-As a Mother, I have taught my children to KNOW what they believe and why they believe it. It makes absolutely no difference to me what they choose, as long as they do choose and they base it on their own inner guidance system. I have never pushed my beliefs onto them except to teach them that we live in a world with rules that all must live by to co-exist. We must follow the law or we risk jail time or lose our driver’s license, etc. Moral beliefs are unique to the believer. I have had a Wizard (thanks to Harry Potter!), a Christian, a New Ager, a Fairy and everything in between. As my children expressed their budding belief systems, I smiled and asked them why they believed that particular thing-always accepting the answer as personal to them. What another person believes does not threaten us. For me, it gives a reference point as I tweak my own system. We are here to experience “opposites”.  It is in our contrast with another’s beliefs that we begin to KNOW what works for us. This question reminds me of a cute story on how my daughter, Jaden, found her God. She was probably 5 years old and I was cleaning out my closet when she came bounding into the bedroom. “Mom!” she squealed, “You HAVE to hear this!” Her huge blue eyes were sparkling and I knew it was a big moment, and here is how the conversation went: Jaden -“Ok, so I’m watching this show and it’s about this girl that gets a baby in her and there’s this guy Josep who loves her-but Mom, that baby isn’t his-but he’s ok with that anyway. So there’s this trip they have to take and they ride on this Donkey!” Eyes huge at this point-really amazed that people back they didn’t have cars. Jaden-“Ok so they get to this town-Besel…no Bethral,” Head cocked thinking hard trying to remember. Me-“Bethlehem?” Jaden-“Yes!” Stern look. Jaden-“Have you already heard this story?” Me-“Maybe…keep going and I’ll see.” Jaden-“Anyway, so they get to Beselham and they find out there is NOWHERE they can stay. No hotels open I guess-so they find a BARN! A BARN Mom! Now, this is the FREAKY part-THAT baby decides to be born in that BARN! It’s SO gross! Animals and poop all over the place-yuck!” Wrinkled nose-disgusted look. Her voice gets soft, her eyes relax, she looks up at me and says, “Mom, they said that baby was named Jesus and that he was God.” Me-“I have heard that.” Jaden-“Do you believe that baby was God?” Me-“I’m more interested in what YOU believe.” She cocks her head to the side and looks up at the ceiling and dramatically as only a 5 year old can do puts her index finger on her temple and taps 4 or 5 times deeply considering this. After some time she drops her hand looks at me and says: “YES! I DO BELIEVE IT!” Her eyes shining, and my heart pounding as I witnessed the power of God enter her little world. Me-“Well then good!” Jaden-“Mom! I believe in God now!” With this, she ran out of the room. THAT my friend, explains God.