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My (insert person here) died. Why can’t I hear or feel them?

July 23, 2014

event_55444312This is the NUMBER ONE question I get. Every day. 100 times a day. And I figured instead of answering it 100 times a day (which I do) I’d spend a few moments addressing it right here for all of you that are hurting over the loss of someone-or many people-that you love. We’ve all been there.

For me it was just 5 LONG months ago that my best friend/boyfriend and twin flame, Evan passed away in front of my eyes and every day since then I’ve questioned everything I ever believed and even wrote about in my book, Answers-EVERYTHING. And you know what? I had it RIGHT. All along I was RIGHT and I’m going to share that with you. To maybe just maybe ease your mind, soothe your wounded soul and help you begin to heal.

When we “cross over” “die” “Exit the planet” whatever you want to call it there are several things that I KNOW. For me these are fact until something changes my mind. I’m always open to that lol…but after 18 years of communicating daily with those on the “Otherside”….changing my mind will be pretty hard to do. Here’s what I know:

1. We never lose consciousness. We simply stop being in our body-similar to how you dream you are riding a bike or imagine you are riding a bike but you are sitting on your couch. You can still in your MIND experience all kinds of things that you are not actually experiencing in physical form. Think of it as kind of a virtual reality…being in this body. We WANTED this experience and we actually chose to come here! Yep. We did. And we do every day. Each path is unique and only yours for you to walk. Even how we leave! Your loved one (and you by proxy) CHOSE this exit for many reasons-most of which we probably won’t even fully understand until it’s our turn. But KNOW that when your loved one crossed or crosses over they are FULLY aware of themselves and you and everyone in the entire world all at once. I think this is freaking awesome. I felt Evan on the Otherside at 3:33 pm on March 2, 2014-I SAW him as I always see energies in the upper part of my mind…kind of like remembering a dream and I felt him there. He was smiling. I wanted to punch him lol. I sat in that ER watching them work on him, looking at his body while knowing he was already on the Other side. I left the room. Why. Because he was with me as I did. And he’s been with me ever since and will always be with me. And guess what? Let’s talk about #2!

2. Energies on the Otherside are OMNIPRESENT. So quit asking me if you can “borrow” Evan or telling me that you think “Mom isn’t with me so she can go watch over my son” That’s poetic and very human but simply not true (in my world). They are everywhere. And for all the Bible folk (love you guys) we ARE created in His image afterall…and HE is omnipresent. Just makes sense that when we return to non-physical we are the same. And in addition? They NEVER leave. Nope. Love this too. Which brings me to #3…

3. You are NEVER alone. Nope. Never. Those that have crossed over (even ones you may not have known in this lifetime consciously) are with you. They don’t sleep or take vacation or stop to smell the roses. They are with you. That never changes.

4. Then you might ask the burning question: WHY CAN’T I SEE, HEAR OR FEEL THEM? Well this is an interesting one. And it’s not a simple answer but I’ll try to help you to understand. It’s ALL about 2 things. Vibration & Path Intent. Let’s talk about vibration first.

We are vibrational beings. Take us down to science and all matter is made up of the same exact teeny piece of ENERGY. It is the rate at which these particles move and cluster and vibrate that they become a chair, tree or a human. So that movement is known In my world as “vibration”. Fair? So here’s the cool part and it’s easier than you think. Those on the Other Side are PURE vibrational energy! Like light…only even faster so the human eye cannot see them. And because our rate of vibration is SO dense and so much lower we can’t often detect them either. Now…here’s my secret. 44 years of knowing this by the way. You know what make someone a “Medium” versus someone that isn’t? VIBRATIONAL RATE (and learning to understand the language they speak..we will talk about that at a later date!). So what does this mean? Simple. If you want to talk to the people that left physical form? YOU must raise YOUR vibration! BINGO.

So before I do a reading I practice upping my own vibration. Music, laughter , sex (ya…that one not so much recently), food, drink, breathing deeply…you get the picture. When you CONSCIOUSLY raise your own vibration you’ll begin to see and feel things that were ALWAYS THERE but just invisible to you because you weren’t at a high enough rate yourself to feel or see them! How cool is that!

Now…those of you constantly finding reasons to feel bad and to look at life as though it’s the worst possible horror there ever was (even if it kinda really is) are just lowering your vibration. Find ways to bring it up. Always. Every minute. If you don’t? That’s’ll have a decidedly human experience…you just won’t experience the joy of TRUE, PURE connection to those on the Other Side! And that’s a choice only you can make. Man…I’m putting myself out of a job here lol. But that is OK by me!

Ok the second part. Purpose of Path. Sometimes an “exit” by a loved one has a LOT to do with the people left behind. I work murders, missing persons cases, etc all the time and within minutes I know that this particular one is not meant to be solved just yet. There’s growth to be had here and I’m not allowed to intervene. Other times it’s a snap and over with in a matter of days. Why? Because our path is our path. Evan is often silent with me for days or weeks. I’ve learned to allow this and to let it be-as long as I know that my own vibrational rate is consciously as high as I can make it. I know that his silence is for me. Perhaps I’m TOO focused on him and where he is, staying connected to him, etc. There can be 100 reasons and ALL of which are for and about ME.

4. Your loved one is NOT angry with you, hurt by you, judging you or any of the human crap we deal with all the time! In fact just the opposite! They love you SO much. Even if your last words to him/her were “I hate you and I hope you die!!!” That is OK too. (Although I’d try pretty hard never to say those words to someone…it does happen to people). When we cross over ALL human things are gone. And in their place is the most beautiful Angel Guide Being you could imagine with ONE soul purpose: TO LOVE AND GUIDE YOU. Ahhhhh….roll around in that for awhile. So quit with the guilt and the “I wishes” and the “What if’s” and begin to see that EVERYTHING happened exactly as it was meant to. You couldn’t have changed or prevented anything to do with your loved ones death because it was THEIR choice! Let go, let go, let go and begin to feel their love all around you like the warmest blanket.

5. THEY ARE OK. No that’s not true. They are BETTER than ok. OMG I get to feel them every day and I’m so jealous of the joy and the freedom. Picture the BEST feeling you’ve ever felt…now multiply that by like 100 gabillion-trillion. Yeah…that’s what it’s like. There is no “hell” there is no place where souls are tortured by an angry God. Sorry. That’s just not true. ALL people, regardless of how they die return to a beautiful vibrational state and reunite with their Higher Self and God/Source and wow…that’s just awesome.

So there you have it. Whether you believe it or not is totally ok with me. But if you ask me the question “Are they ok?” or “Can they hear me?” or “Why can’t I hear them?” know that I wrote this for YOU. It’s ALL ok dear ones. I promise and it’s going to get better and better. Want to know why? Here’s a cool thing:

The entire planet is raising in vibration! Pretty soon talking to your loved ones on the other side will be as easy as picking up the phone. Wait and see. AND this is why you are seeing 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 etc. They are waking us up one at a time and sometimes in droves. It’s ALL about raising vibration! Can you feel that? It’s called truth. At least it is for me. I love you.

-This is JUST the beginning

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