Blog: 11:11 The Great Awakening

11:11, 3:33, 2:22, 12:12, 10:10-What does it mean?

July 6, 2014

logo_phpbbI felt compelled to begin a new blog. I’m still working on and growing through my grief in losing my best friend and twin flame, Evan…but more and more in the past 4 months I’m seeing people driven by an inner voice searching for answers-trying to make sense of new feelings and emotions that were invisible to them before. As we explore together, I don’t know what this blog will begin to show you-nor does it matter. As always I am guided by Evan & The Boys (my Spirit Guides, Angels, etc.). To learn about Evan and his passing on March 2, visit my blog-The Deafening Silence. But suffice to say he’s in spirit now and actively pushing me as only a boy from New Jersey can to teach you and to help you understand. So I will.

The past few months for many have been in some ways alarming, fearful and downright confusing. Thousands have sought me out asking for help, trying to understand. SO many have exited the planet so rapidly it makes my head spin. Literally daily on my Facebook feed I see people announcing the passing of a loved one. Young, old, people in perfect health, car accidents, murders, suicides…you get the picture.

I’m hoping this blog will begin to answer some questions for you and those you love as we navigate one of Earth’s greatest times in history to be alive. Trust’s huge and amazing and you’re going to love it…IF you can let go of fear and embrace the changes!

With that said, I wanted to address numbers. Those on the Other Side (the Between Place as I call it) use numbers to communicate with us because the human mind is logical and literal in so many ways and numbers are concrete. 2+2=4. Period. As a person is beginning to “wake up” they will begin to see numbers repeated and OFTEN. 11:11 was the first sequence many years ago that those of us that were already awake became very aware of. There are thousands of internet articles on this number sequence, simply Google 11:11. BUT…when I see it as I do so often I always feel as though it’s the time that we are the closest to seeing through the veil that separates our world from the non-physical world. My last text to Evan on the day he died:


photoWe did that often, because we understood that it was a special time of connection for us. We’d often cross texts that both said 11:11. I did this in previous relationships and in MANY of my friendships as well. To ME 11:11 has always been the wish time. I stop, reflect and send the vibrational thoughts out to the Universe for things I’m hoping for and wanting as well.

But lately it seems the number sequences are drawing more and more of you to find answers. Evan left his body at 3:33pm. Ever since he’s been putting 3’s into so many things to so many people that it leaves no doubt that he still exists and is guiding. He told me before he left, several times that he was leaving (listen to the first Cosmic Caffeine Radio Show I did-1 week after he passed to understand the full story). He somehow knew. He told me that he had to be on the Other Side in order to help me here. That there was work to do. Boy do I understand that now. 4 days after he passed I got a tattoo on my left forearm to remind me every day of this work:



Because this IS just the beginning of the greatest energy transformation our planet/our kind has ever known. And its REAL. I foretell of this time in my book Answers that I self-published with my co-author Angie Felske 2 years ago.

So for now…just know that when you see numbers repeated over and over that you are in the process of “waking up” and the world as you knew it will be forever changed. Like the pill in the Matrix-you will see with new eyes and you’ll know the magic of our true birthright-who we REALLY are and you’ll realize how much of a true Creator you really are! “You’re A Wizard Harry!”

It is my hope that I can help guide you and bring you peace and freedom from fear in the pages of this blog in the coming months. If you have questions you’d like me to answer here or in one of my videos, please comment on my YouTube channel! Subscribe as well. I’ll be doing a LOT over there in the coming months. Welcome to my world and welcome to waking up….get ready! Its going to be an interesting, exhilarating and deeply profound ride.

This is Just the Beginning!