The Deafening Silence

There’s No Crying on Sundays

April 14, 2014

1613929_10203374705905474_7709325843288552392_nHad a busy day yesterday. It was my daughter, Jaden’s 15th birthday. It was a beautiful day. When I woke up and realized it was Sunday I instantly felt sad. As you know Sunday was my favorite day of the week when Evan was alive. Within a few seconds the song “She Keeps Me Warm” by Mary Lambert came into my head. Incredible song. I’d never heard it until the first Sunday after he died. I sat outside listening to it and just as I teared up the line comes on “There’s no crying on Sundays.”  So yesterday I got busy and had planned to write this blog when I had time. Mid day I got a note from Julia (one of Evan’s friends from Universal) and she told me several things he’d been saying to her and showing her all day. Well at one point she says:

On the way into work I randomly sang out loud. “She keeps me warm…my love my love my love…I’m not crying on Sundays. And again immediately thought of you. Evan says no crying on Sundays!

Of course I grinned! He is so amazing in how he comes to comfort me. Which makes me think about so many of you that say “I never feel him/her-they never visit” etc. And I always say the same thing. YES THEY DO! You just don’t realize it. So I thought I’d give you a few tips on how to recognize them and even invite their energies into your conscious world.

1. They are ALWAYS with you. Put that into your brain. Accept it. Imagine them in an empty chair nearby or holding your hand. The more you allow that thought to be present the more you’ll begin to connect.

2. Do things that bring you a higher vibrational level. Laugh, cry, run, have sex (even without a partner cough, cough), do something silly, dance-extra points if it’s in the rain, think thoughts that feel yummy to you! When you do this you thin the “veil” between your world and theirs. They are pure vibration and their rate is SO high that we can’t see them or even feel them in some cases. The higher you vibrate the more they will be able to slow theirs a bit and connect with you. That’s the secret to being a medium. Just raise your vibration as often as possible.

3. Pay attention! All day long Evan lets me know he’s there through all of you and then cool things in my life. If my mind is occupied with something mundane (I need to put gas in the car, I wish I had more money, I’m sad and depressed, poor me poor me, life sucks, ugh I have to go to work, clean the garage, color my hair–blah blah blah then there just isn’t room for you to NOTICE the beautiful gifts they are showering on you! Take a walk without your cell phone! Look around you and FEEL what you feel when you see that oddly colored butterfly flitting around you. Is it the same colors as those your loved one cherished? Is it acting oddly? Does it correspond with a time of day that means something like my Evan’s 3:33? If you play just a little bit of Sherlock Holmes you’ll be astounded at how many things you are missing every day! It’s like that game where you compare 2 pictures. One has subtle differences from the other. When you are looking for them you’ll see them! It’s like magic. Open your mind and heart UP! Wake up and pay attention.

4. EXPECT them to connect with you. Invite them by talking (I like out loud…especially when I’m peeing lol. He HATED when I’d pee with the door open. So I do it all day now lol. The other day he busted my light bulb during one of our chat sessions lol. Punk)

And a couple of other things that help. NO your loved one isn’t angry or upset or disappointed in you!!! Those are human emotions. They left those behind with their physical body. They love you. Period. They want you to be happy and to succeed. Think of them as your personal cheering squad. Even if you were fighting or angry when they died. It doesn’t matter! They love you. They love you. They love you!

So today spend just a few minutes talking to them, opening up your world, listen to music and allow them to send you messages. And most of all BELIEVE that it’s them. Trust me…it is 🙂

This is just the beginning… #EWM333