The Deafening Silence

Everybody Loves Evan

April 7, 2014


So Evan had a LOT of friends and people he loved over the years. A lot. As a 15 year veteran Special Effects Make-up artist at Universal Studios (some was him as SpiderMan haha) he has a huge network of people that love him. BUT after Evan passed I was astounded at the outpouring of love and support from total strangers. Or were they strangers? Today I would say no.  I would tell you that before we come here we know EVERY single other “Energy” or “Spirit” that comes here or ever has come here.

Have you ever met someone and felt like you already knew them? Of course you have. We chalk it up to all kinds of things but at the end of the day, what if you DO know them. What if you are just remembering that now. We know that when we choose to come here we also choose to forget (I talk a lot about this in my book “Answers” free on my site about 1/2 way down in PDF). Why do we choose to forget? Well that’s easy. It’s so we can have this beautiful human adventure! That’s exactly what it is. An adventure we chose. And in forgetting until the time we “wake up” we get to experience all kinds of things that expand us both here and in our Divine Higher Self! We are connected to every single living thing on this planet by a web of light and love.

So everybody loves Evan. And Evan is showing so many of you that he loves you too! As you get his 3’s or one of our songs, a tree or the number 10 (listen to this episode of Cosmic Caffeine to fully understand what I mean) you feel this powerful connection! Like he’s right there with you (because he is) and like he’s guiding you (because he is) and like he loves YOU (because he does). It all begins to seem like something out of a science fiction novel only it’s your life! Why??? Because if you are reading this blog you are waking up. You are embracing your Divine self and you are becoming the butterfly! April 2014 is a powerful month! Watch this video and you’ll know what I mean. The cool part? I’m 44, Evan was 46 when he died and there are 2 lunar eclipses in the month of April 2014 (which we are in as I type this) Coincidence? Nope. It’s time. It’s happening and it’s bad ass. And YOU are part of what I believe is the final revolution of mankind in this reality we’ve created. That’s powerful stuff. And you know the best part? You are sitting there thinking “this is crazy…I think” and yet your heart is screaming “TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH”.

Evan used to say “Get out of your head Jamie and feel with your heart and you’ll know truth”. He was right.

At a party several years ago a guy walked up to me and said “I’ve been observing you for several months whenever we are in the same room. There’s something about you I can’t comprehend.”

I laughed and said “Ok stalker…what’s confusing to you?”

He said, “You literally LOVE every person your eyes land on. I can SEE it. How is that possible?”

I smiled and said “Good observation and you  are correct.” I told him that I DO love every single person instantly that I meet because I know the secret that we are all actors in a grand cosmic play. We have loved one another like the Lemurians are thought to have loved…leaving us these beautiful crystals, pre-programmed to teach us when the vibration of our planet began to unlock all the hidden mysteries of why we are here. It feels GOOD to me to love! And I love you. All of you. You are mine. I am yours.

Evan knew how to love unconditionally better than anyone I’ve ever known. He passed it out like candy to all that he knew in the last months of his life and I learned from him. That love has increased 100 fold now that he is no longer fettered by human constraints and laws/rules. Now he is free as his authentic Divine self to GIVE to us. Why WOULDN’T you be addicted to that? It’s who we are. We used to joke that he was Archangel Michael in human form. Now that seems a little more like reality.

So as you take this journey with us. Stop thinking you are stalking or acting out of turn when you are filled with love as you think about or feel Evan. It’s exactly how you are meant to feel. Like I talked about in the “Reality” blog earlier today, he is no longer Evan the human. But he’s Evan the amazing love filled Energy that will help and guide you just as so many others that have gone on before. And if you have lost a loved one, see them in that SAME capacity and allow their guidance to be there for you. God, Angels, Guides, “The Boys”…it’s all the same. We are not alone and we are standing at the brink of an amazing shift. Bigger than any in human history! In 2008 I wrote this article and posted it on my site. Check it out! It talks about this EXACT moment in our future which is now our present.

Hang on to your spiritual boot straps…it’s about to get pretty amazing up in here!

This is just the beginning… #EWM333

All out love,

Jamie & Evan