The Deafening Silence

Choose Happy…

May 3, 2014

goofy night


Today I’m being shown VERY clearly that in all things we are to try our best to choose to FEEL happy. Easy? Nope. It’s raining and I miss Evan…but it’s like this whisper telling me to stop feeling sad and to just feel happy. Probably why he sends me that song all the time lol…happy. It’s a choice. We can sit and think about all the things that make us sad OR we can think about all the things that make us grin and maybe even blush a little…



So what DOES make you happy when you just want to cry? Me?

  • Either of my brothers-serious humor
  • The way Della and Peeta romp through the house all on fire
  • Remembering how Evan did this awful chicken dance thing-like a wounded T-Rex
  • This morning Jaden said, “It doesn’t matter what diet you are on-nothing beats a Bank Lollipop”
  • When Gina and Nick do “sloth”
  • Anything with Dane Cook, Jim Carrey, Jeff Dunham…among many others
  • When my best friend Marcie says “Rat Turd”
  • Listening to 4 year olds giggling
  • When Alyssa sends me jokes from her young daughters-really bad but really funny

You get the point. We all have a big old list of things that make us sad or angry and many other painful emotions. What about the ones that make you feel yummy? I say make a list right meow! I was driving and felt sad. Evan told me to be happy. I said, “Play me a song” and the next song was “Mmm Bop” by Hanson…hahahahahaha…really? Honestly? It made me grin, lifted my mood. Ok. So happiness is a choice. It doesn’t mean you’ll never cry or feel sad, but you can process through it pretty fast and return to a good feeling place.

And if you simply can’t? Do what my Boys (Guides) told me many years ago…”Feel good about not feeling good.” Yeah. I went there…

It’s supposed to be sunny in Daytona Beach tomorrow. I’m choosing it to be sunny in Jamie today.

-This is just the beginning #EWM333