The Power of Love & “Even More”

April 27, 2014
Evan & Della
Evan & Della

This has been the most interesting week. So many events happened with synchronicity! Evan has been very very busy. Every night since he transitioned to the Other Side I listen to our archived radio shows to hear his voice. Well, that was why I first did it in the days following his passing-today it’s also because he sends me very clear messages via our archives. I always ask him to show me which one to listen to. Lately I’m noticing that the one he guides me to always has the perfect message from him in it. He will even lead me to the exact place in the 2 hour show that he wants me to hear. It’s like he’s speaking directly to me now-not a year ago.

Well the other day I felt like looking back on his Facebook wall for some reason. I came across a post he’d put on it in October after his good friend Brian Wolfe passed away from Cancer. It had affected Evan very strongly. We talked a lot about it. One of the things we talked about was how Brian now knew the answer to every question he ever asked and where we go when we die, etc. So I shared that post on my wall (It was so powerful)

evan post

 So awhile later I went to bed and pulled out my phone, and asked Evan to choose a show. He took me to the episode with Shelly Wilson we did 2 weeks before he passed away. He guided me to the last part where a caller named Annie was asking about a man she was in love with who had recently told her he had terminal pancreatic cancer and was moving back in with his wife. Of course we told her that his time was over and he would be crossing soon, etc. But when Evan talks to her (around 1:50 into the show) what I heard made me sit straight up in bed. He was telling her that her guy knew he was headed home and that his Higher Self had come to him and had told him to prepare. Basically that this gentleman knew he was leaving. Then he said that after the guy passes away his sole purpose (soul purpose lol) would be to support and love her spirit as it continued this journey. Powerful stuff.

Here’s where it gets interesting. A day or so later I was looking through my old texts with Evan and I found one from Feb 25-just 5 days before he passed away.

evan veil textHis spelling was always atrocious lol. Anyway, when he called me that day at his customary 4:34pm I asked him what he meant. He said that he had been sitting at his desk at work sketching when it happened. He said “Jamie, imagine that you have this wet, cold, dirty blanket over you for your whole life and suddenly it was lifted off.” I said “Wow…what was it?” and he said “I could see everything.” I asked what he meant and he said, “Everything. The whole universe-I know it all now.”

And what did I say? Did I ask details or go deeper into the explanation? Nope. I said “Wow…I can’t wait to hear more.” And I never asked him! I suppose I wasn’t meant to know. But what I believe now is that this was the moment when he knew fully. Like he’d said on the show just a week prior about the other gentleman. He had been told.

Now…yesterday I went to the wedding of 2 friends of Evans from Universal and was talking with a few friends and telling them about all of this. Danielle (who gave us Della our kitten) showed me her phone. Her father passed away the weekend prior to Evan passing. On Feb 25 (yep same day as his veil lifting) he was texting her on Facebook about her father. My mouth dropped open when I read them:

(Notice he says “More than you know”…he said that all the time)

photo 1photo 2


photo 3photo 4The words he uses amaze me! “You must close your eyes to open them” WOW. Such incredible wisdom! The stone he’s referring to was a rose quartz he’d given Danielle to have her Father hold and place his energy into-which she did. Evan told her the stone would later become a way to communicate with her dad after he passed away.

While we were talking at the wedding, Danielle said she’d been asking Evan before I got there to show that he was around but nothing had happened. As she said it to me I heard him say “Tell her I’ll do it on the next song to come on.” I told her.

We were talking about the text above about Brian Wolfe and the song “The Power Of Love” came on as the very next song after the one that had been playing. Her eyes got huge because that song was from the movie “Back To The Future” and she was the one that found our kitten Della in the Delorean at Universal! And of course the Delorean is from that movie. But even MORE amazing was that in the thread about the post Evan made about Brian that we were just standing there discussing, Sandy Tedesco mentions that “The Power Of Love” had just come on the radio. lol. So many cool ways that he lets me know he’s here.

So all that said, more and more I’m just convinced that Evan knew he was going home. In the days, weeks and even months before his passing he said and did so many things to support this theory. I wish I’d taken him more seriously. But at the end of the day I don’t think I’d change anything. He knew I loved him and I knew he loved me. We valued eachother every minute and supported everything the other one did. I will always be so grateful for my incredible time with Evan Moore. And now in spirit he’s “Even More” then he was as a human. Such love and light.

This is just the beginning… #EWM333